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Why so much hate toward Christians and why daily struggles seem extra hard for a Spiritual Christians in today's world.
I was talking to a young lady about spreading the word of God. She is trying in her way to get the word of the cross out, salvation. She has such a concern about so many people missing out on eternal life. This should a number one concern to all of us. After all that is the whole point. That primary message is what Billy Graham stuck to his whole life long ministry and also why his messages were so successful. Back to the young lady. Her question is what prompted this lesson. In fact it's the title. The only answer was that Christ was persecuted and so shall we be. A true statement made by Christ himself. But it helps to know what makes this so. You may notice that I quote a lot of scriptures but usually leave out chapter and verse. This is to encourage you to do your own research. By doing your own research God is able to guide you to things that he knows you need to learn. That is the reason for the Bible app's that I offer at this site. They have all of the research tools to make your search easy and that will cause you to read more scripture.

First if all the Bible says that God is a Spirit and can only be worshiped and understood in Spirit and truth. That's a full statement. Jesus said that you must be baptized by the Holy Spirit, water and confession is not enough. So God's Spirit dwelling in you and you truly seeking truth is the only to understand God's word.
Christians not filled with the Holy Spirit is the reason for so much confusion and separation of Christians. This is why there so many different types of churches or denominations. When there should be only one true church. The body of Christ worshiping in Spirit and truth. Also study the gifts of the Spirit and what the Bible says about how to know a true believer.

The unbelievers also have a spirit. The spirit of the world or in truth, the spirit of the devil or evil spirits. There are many forms of evil spirits. They are listed in the Bible.
A person could go through life being a seemingly decent person but if they are not a saved Christian, they are in fact doing the devils deeds. No mater how good they seem on the outside I can tell you that their is something bad inside. The devil like God has many workers at all levels of life.

Spiritual Christians act and react using mind, body and soul guided by God's spirit and what knowledge they have in the word of God. That's why the Bible says study to show yourself approved before God and therefore being prepared at any given moment to give an answer. As a Christian you should be studied up enough to never be caught off guard by a question.

Now then, worldly people, non believers act and react according to the worldly spirits of the people that they are around or hang out with. Worldly spirits (devil spirits) go by domination much like animals and things in nature. That is why they have constantly changing attitudes and live in such drama. There is a lot of little demons out there and they latch on to anyone and everyone not protected by God's Spirit. That is why there are so many random acts of violence that seem to be committed by seemingly normal people.

The Bible says that the Spirit knows the spirit. The spirit of the unsaved person can detect the Spirit of God in you, even without the knowledge of the person it is controlling. So without even a spoken word the Spirits clash. Add words and you really have a problem. There is instantly a love hate relationship and we all know that can not work. The worldly person hates the Christian and the Christian person loves the worldly person. This is why toy often here the Christian person say; I don't know hwy the have such a problem with me. The mission of the saved person is to help, love and save the worldly person. The mission of the worldly person (who is controlled by devil spirits) is to kill the Christian, not necessarily physically but by crushing your spirit, hurting your feelings and so on. Though this, more often today, can led to physically killing the Christian. Note there are people who can not be saved. Look it up.

It is a dangerous thing to be a saved person and not be operating with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Christians are loosing the battle because of not understanding and using the Gifts of the Spirit. Like I said look them up. Discerning (recognizing) of spirits, casting out devils, healing and so on. As always, practice makes perfect. Worldly people practice the gifts of evil spirits all of the time automatically without choice or thought because they are controlled by the devil, like I stated before. Christians have to make a conscious choice to study, learn and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you do not operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the devil will eat you alive and spit you out and you are not doing yourself, God or unsaved people any service.

There is such a lack of Christians operating in the Holy Spirit (week Christians) that the ones that do are severally persecuted and this is why the Bible says that in the end days Christians will be put to death even in places like the U.S.A. There is even a problem with Christians that are not filled with the Holy Spirit looking upon Christians who are as foolish.      

©®William J Marsh
Study, study, study
Study, study, study
Study, study, study
Don't just study to learn random verses or for inspiration. The word of God is a sward, a weapon against evil. Study to gear yourself up for battle. It's the only way you can defeat the devil and get souls into Heaven!