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Did you know?
So many people today look at Bible stories as fables, children's stories or old wise tales. In times past the stories were often portrayed this way to make them more interesting. There is true power in God's word and defeating from it takes away from that power. Believe me God's word stands well on it's own, God does not need your help to make it come off better. Every answer you will ever want or need is in the Bible. This letter will give a few samples of things that will hopefully make you think and dig around a little for yourself. 

First lets get past the vocabulary boundary. If you came across a computer with Internet 50 years ago and were to describe it to someone you would not have the words, computer or Internet to describe what you saw. For example giant unclean beast would be a description for what we call dinosaurs.

Did you know that in order for micro chips to work the wiring has to be twisted in a particular way or information would not be transmitted or transmit all scrambled up. Man figured that out but God created the blueprint. Your DNA controls all of the information transfer in your body. A strand of DNA is twisted the same way. God created that long before the micro chip.

Did you know that carbon dating is not as accurate as some people believe? I went out west to the dinosaur region and visited many of the different museums. In one museum a dinosaur dated between 200 and 500 million years ago, 300 million year discrepancy. I went to another museum and the same dinosaur dated between 50 million and 100 million years. What is up with that, someone's DNA was not in order?

The mighty Colorado river is not the oldest river in the world and it flows through and over some of the hardest terrene known. My question would have to be why are there not Grand Canyons everywhere there is a river, that is if the river carved it out as the theory goes? For example the mighty Mississippi river flows over mud and clay. That hole should be half way through the earth by now, by that same theory.

The petrified forest carbon dates to hundreds of millions of years old. Mount Saint Helens erupted with such a force that it carved out a canyon much like a small Grand Canyon. It laid down layers of strata much like the layers you see along the walls of the Grand Canyon. The blast drove tens of thousands of trees to the bottom of the lake with such force that they instantly petrified. Something that you did not hear much about is the fact that scientist carbon dated those trees at the bottom of the lake and they dated hundreds of millions of years old. Yet those trees were alive just split moments before the blast that we all witnessed. The layers of strata in the newly formed canyon dated older than the Grand Canyon, yet they were laid down in a split second right before our eyes.

Today there is such a gap in the Christian belief that God created the world in 7 days and what the scientific worlds theories state. The Bible truly is a book of all things dealing with all the universes and the life held within. You have to read the Bible as a book of information dealing with all subjects including science, biology, geology, astrology and everything else, not as just a book of old stories and spirituality, though that is in there as well. First note that even if you do not believe in God, you do know that everything that exist came out of the dirt, your car, glass, your counter top or whatever it is it came out of the dirt. Reread the first page in your Bible. You will notice that the first thing that happens is a "big bang." Everything came into existence step by step, much like the secular scientific community thinks. At the time of creation obviously there was no calendar as we know it. A day at that time was what you would know as a earth day. A earth day is what we know as a year, the 365 days that it takes the earth to complete a cycle.
Now, at the end of the creation story God makes one thing very clear, "a day with the Lord is as 1000 days with man." Do the math; 365 x 1000 x 7.

This letter will go on, check back.