I have been involved in various forms of ministry work for as long as I can remember. Ranging from the street to the Hollywood film industry and everything in-between. I was basically homeless from a fairly young age. I built my first on-line church nearly 20 years ago. At that time most of the general population thought that the internet was a trend that would never have never have much impact or influence. Now we see where it has gone. It is the most influential thing on the planet. Everyone from the very young to the elderly folks are influenced by the internet in some form or fashion.

For the first time in the history of this Nation secularism rules the day. This is greatly do to the power that even one individual has to broadcast their thoughts, beliefs or message across the mass audience of the on-line world. The internet allows people to have access to vast amounts of  information that has never been possible before in human history.  “After all if it’s on the internet it must be true.”

For the most part people are followers and are easily influenced when confronted with information that they do not have the knowledge or wisdom to digest. People are social creatures and long to be accepted, and social media groups are an easy to way to obtain this. Christianity has fallen so far behind in the social media industry that in today’s high tech society it’s almost non existent. There is Christian information on line, but no place of mass Christian social gathering.  As Christians we know that material things, secular social activities and an abundance of unnecessary useless information leaves one empty, hopeless, lost, insufficient and confused about their own life at the end of the day.

An advantage of Bible apps is that they are private. You can have a Bible program on your phone, computer and other personal devices and no one but you has to know about it. This is important because if you mention or ask about God, Jesus or Christianity on most social media sites in a serious way, you are most likely going to get plastered with a lot of hateful postings. A risk that most are not willing to take, because social media sites are a major part of their life. It makes them temporarily and falsely feel important and accepted.

Now the good stuff. As Christians we know that the most powerful and influential entity in the universe is the Word of God. And getting the Word of God in private when you and your thoughts are all alone is a very powerful thing. The old way was to try and get a paper Bible into as many hands as possible. Now we need to get as many e-Bibles on every device as possible.  

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The Bible's place in the new on-line lifestyle