Click here to add text.Did you know that Albert started his journey in life on a mission to prove that there was no God. Growing up in a strict religious environment caused this rebellion. He set out to prove whether the theory of evolution was true or if there was a creator. If evolution was true then things would have occurred randomly. If there was a creator then things had to have an intended intelligent design involving scientific principles and complex mathematical equations. One of the last things that he wrote stated ;

“There obviously is a creator because things simply can not occur randomly through the process of evolution. Adaptation not evolution. The rocks did not on their own evolve to become the locomotive that I see outside my window. It was an intelligent design created by a man, Just as the universe was created by intelligent design! “

If a simple celled ameba or an ape evolved into a human, we would be able to witness the process on a daily bases. In other words there would be creatures in-between as they were evolving. If the process stopped somewhere along the way, we would have one or the other. You could not have both and have nothing in the process of transforming.