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Battle of Spirits

John 4:24 God is a spirit. You will notice whenever Jesus dealt with people in Spiritual conflict, a sinner (possessed person) he confronted the spirit not the person. Our battle in life is spiritual not physical, not a flesh battle. Although there are physical affects do to the consequences of our battles, and life also is a physical struggle every day. Most people spend their time and effort fighting life’s battles in the physical getting no where, getting nothing except burnt-out. Believe me being up on your spiritual game does make your physical daily life much better. You can not always prevent bad things or even daily aggravating circumstances but dealing with them is so much better.

Now that we got that out of the way we can tap into some ways to keep you on top of your game. Going to church and all that is great but it does not relieve you of your personal spiritual responsibility to God and yourself, which affects everyone around you in some way.

First of all and most importantly, stay in the word. Study your Bible, study your Bible and study your Bible. This is not just a suggestion look to, 2tim.2:15. Get a Strong’s concordance and study subjects, situations and verses that directly deal with your life, your situations and so on. You can get a free concordance and Bible on line, here is the link;

The Bible is like the internet of life’s answers and the concordance is like the Bible’s search engine. You type in a word or related search words and there will always be something in the Bible relating. Every possible life situation is covered in God’s Word. No internet, get hard copies.

Once you start digging into the Word of God, you have to believe it and enact it into your daily thoughts and situations. For example; You are having trouble or conflict with a co-worker. I look up the word “work” I got a load of results with this verse at the top; 1st Thes.4:11.  All of this is like a soldier gearing up for combat, it doesn’t win the battle but you can not win without it.

There is a lot more to this so for the sake of this article we will hopefully touch base enough to get you started. We know that everyone has a spirit self as well as a physical self, Jesus was God‘s physical self. I will say it point blank; If you are saved you are under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and some people don’t like to here this but if you are not saved your spirit is controlled by the devil. In the spirit world things are just that cut and dry, good and evil and nothing in-between. The Bible says that the spirit knows or recognizes the spirit. For example when you meet someone, your spirits meet and recognize and know each other. If you are saved and they are not, there is conflict in the spiritual realm. The other person does not know this, they might be a nice person but their spirit will work against you. This no one can avoid, it’s the way things are, like it or not, accept it or not.  This does not mean that the person is an enemy physically but it does mean that they are a lost soul and will never have your best interest at heart and whether they intend it or not can be dangerous to you in many ways. That is why you have to watch who you get advice from, listen to, hang out with and so forth. I will close for now but for further thought read a little around and including Gen.28:12