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Get your happy on,

you might be in a better place than you think, and remember this
“With life It’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey !”
“Happiness a Journey through the Thought process”

The fact that you are reading this Christian publication puts you in a pretty good place and if this little lesson helps you that puts you in a great place. First, answer three easy questions; Do you believe in God? Do you believe his word is true? Do you try your best to live the life that Jesus would be ok with, even though you might have failed for one reason or another along the way or even now? If you answered yes, you might be in a better place than you think.

The journey;
There is but one true journey. It’s not starting a business and ten years later celebrating the great success and every says “boy what a journey.” It’s not an Indiana Jones story and at the end everyone thinks “what a journey.”  The one true journey, the one filled with adventure, drama, excitement and daily fulfillment is your personal day to day life. There is so much more to this subject so in this article we will take the bi-pass around the whole big subject and just get off on a few exits. 

In every case where you hear of a successful person that came up from the worst possible situation imaginable, somewhere back there, though destitute, hungry and poor, was a happy, prominent Christian figure with a very positive attitude who had influence in there life. Usually a grandmother or mother saying- it‘s alright, the Lord will take care of us, good job and so on. With me it was my grandfather. Without that person there Being there you might have people saying- this is terrible, you can’t do it, tomorrow is going to be worse than today, and so on. “A Good Christian” so to speak, is as simple as being that person. The person that’s always looking at the positive side of things, the person able to look at a bad situation and see it as a good situation in their life and in the lives of others around them. 

You answered yes to those questions, your are a Christian doing your best, you might have been a Christian for many years, know your scriptures and have a place in your church,      so why aren’t you happy, fulfilled and satisfied in life and why aren‘t things better? By satisfied I don’t mean complacent. There are Spiritual battles that you must willingly make a choice to take on. This is why a long time Christian can be young or week in spirit.  Paul talks extensively about one of these important battles and it is possibly the key to your true happiness.

The Battle;
This is not a challenge to the devil or some other evil. This is a battle of you against you and you have to choose to fight it. When you get saved you have an old person and a new saved person. Usually right away you give up the ways and habits of the old you. Many see this as  changing the physical things, you quit smoking, you stay away from alcohol and so forth. This I like putting the cart before the horse. The most important thing that you need to change is your thinking (every single thought), your reactions and the words that you speak (every single one). The way you think and judge things and the words that you use are imbedded in your very being. They are more of a habit than drugs, booze, cigarettes or what ever, they can also be far more devastating. The spoken word is the most powerful thing in your life as well as in the world. The spoken word comes from the thoughts, making thoughts very powerful. The mouth speaks the abundance of the heart. You can see how deep this can go.

Get in the fight and stay in the fight;  
The Bible tells you that you have to capture every single thought, make a judgment call and cast out the bad, doubtful and negative ones. This is a must do, as the Bible tells us that even our thoughts will be judged. Your thoughts translate into your words and reactions. This is where you have to purposely choose to get in the fight. Thought for thought choose to judge the moment and like the cliché, think for that moment “What would Jesus do?”  take on the position that you will make it a point to answer that question this will cause you to study your Bible with a purpose. This takes practice, practice, practice, remember to do it, remember to do it, remember to do it. You have to think about it all the time. The old you thoughts won’t give up top billing easily as they have been with you your whole life guided by circumstances, the people around and your general environment. It matters in the long run even if it is something as simple as your thought and reaction to a stubbed toe or spilt drink. You will soon see the results. Your positive good thinking saved you thoughts will become automatic and more joy, happiness, and fulfillment will automatically follow. 

If I could remember them all I could give you millions of these examples throughout my life time. I was on my way to an important meeting on the other side of the state, never been to this area before. Got close and got very lost and possibly missing the brief meeting. Let me tell you and the people who know me will tell you that lost is not the place I like being. I have driven more miles and had to find places more than the average person so “I can get there, I’m not lost, I can find it no problem.
Lost is where my natural man wanted to think- keep driving, leading to getting more lost, leading to frustration and anxiety and this can be a situation where words a spoken that you regret. At that point even if I got there on time it wouldn’t have been a pleasant ride and the excitement of getting there and what we were doing would be spoiled. The Spiritual me thought pull over somewhere and get directions maybe we can make up some time somehow. I drove back to a gas station saw. There was a lady there who was obviously upset about something. She was on her way to the hospital for some emergency, her car was broken down and she was unable to reach anyone for a ride. Long story short we got to give her some words of comfort, we got her to the hospital which turned out to be right down the road from where we were going. She took us by a short cut which gained back our lost time. Something trying to go sour was turned into an exciting happy blessed adventure. Watch over your thoughts with God‘s Word, your thoughts will watch over your words and your reactions. Do this and you can change the world, mainly the world that you have to live in day to day. So if you are unhappy with where you are in life, with God’s Word you  can think your way to happiness.